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WARNING:  Don't Even Think About Getting A Tonsillectomy Until You Read This ....


"Natural Cure For Tonsillitis...At Last Tonsillitis Can Be Permanently Eliminated Fast and For Good"


Permanent Relief from Tonsillitis in 3 Days, Guaranteed. Safe, 100% Natural and Drug Free.


From: Jennifer Watts



Dear Friend,


Hi, my name is Jennifer Watts and I am a health researcher and former Tonsillitis sufferer of 7 years.

Over the next few minutes I want to share with You valuable information you can use to cure your tonsillitis permanently.

I want to share with you something NEW and IMPORTANT that I have DISCOVERED .

There are Two Important Truths:

1....There are VERY FEW All-Natural treatments for tonsillitis that are effective.

2....And Antibiotics and Tonsillectomies are NOT the ONLY SOLUTION for treating Tonsillitis.

Be Warned; there is some Good and some Very Poor advice on the Internet.

GOOD Advice is hard to find, but look for some one who has done their research, has a 100% guarantee on their information and will stand by their recommendations. The good news is you have found it!

I can tell you honestly that there is a Safe and Effective, All-Natural way to treat tonsilitis for good.  I will show you how to SAFELY and permanently rid yourself of tonsillitis without drugs or surgery.

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Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you want to Cure your Tonsillitis for good ?

Do you want to Cure your Child's Tonsillitis for good?

Do you want to know Why you Keep getting Tonsillitis All the Time?

Do you want to Stop Taking Antibiotics Every Time You Get Tonsillitis?

Do You want to Escape having your Tonsils Surgically Removed?

Do you want to stop getting White Spots on your Tonsils?

Do you want to Banish the Bad Breath that comes with having  Tonsilitis?

Do you want relief from pain from swallowing and eating food when Suffering From Tonsillitis?

Do you want to Stop Painful Tonsil Infections that always seem to happen at the worst possible time!

Do you want to say goodbye to tonsilitis for good...and regain your overall health back?

There is HELP !!!

If you answered YES to any of the questions then I can help you.

Over the past 7 years, through a long process of trial, error and experimentation, I have developed a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, system for eliminating tonsillitis for good.

What Are Symptoms of Tonsillitis?


Tonsillitis is the infection of the tonsils, sometimes a simple virus can cause them to inflame. It is extremely common, especially in children and also in adults.


There are two different types of tonsil infections. A viral infection is usually caused by a sore throat or, in some cases, glandular fever. In about 15 percent of tonsillitis cases, the problem is caused by a bacterial infection. In most cases this is the streptococcus bacteria infection.


Some of the common symptoms of Tonsillitis includes:

  • Pain swallowing/eating food

  • White patches on Tonsils

  • Swollen tonsils

  • Fever

  • Tenderness of the jaw and throat

  • Headache/Earache

  • Bad Breath

The Big, Fat Lie

Think about it for a minute and decide your self....... Western medicine, our doctors, television....every where we look....conditions us to believe that repeated doses of this drug or that antibiotic can cure all our illnesses.

"You will get better as long as you keep taking the drug". The drug companies want you to keep using their products. Over and over again. Do you really think they want to CURE YOU ....Or keep you coming back for more?

Drugs, Drugs....and more DRUGS, they simply do not treat the root cause of the tonsil infection. They mask the symptoms for a while. The tonsillitis becomes Drug Resistant to the treatment and the infection comes back even worse than before, more pain, more suffering and more drugs.

What about tonsillectomies? Do you know it costs between $4000 to $6000 for a doctor to perform a tonsillectomy on you? Which one will you prefer, a surgery that cuts you open and also costs $4000 to $6000 or a natural permanent cure?

I'll let you decide for that one...!

The rest of my story...


For years I have suffered from painful, constant reoccurrence of Tonsil infections.


My tonsils will get swollen, it was painful to swallow and it was also painful to eat. My glands were also swollen and fevers, headaches came with my tonsil infection.


When I looked down my mouth, I would see my tonsils bigger than before and small white spots on my tonsils.

I’m overall a healthy person. I eat healthily, I’m not overweight, I don’t smoke, I exercise.

But I could never figure out why I was developing this infection so frequently every couple of months.

I would visit a doctor and they will prescribe me antibiotics, I would finish the pack and I'll feel better but then a couple of months later I will get another episode of Tonsillitis.


 Tonsillitis When I was A Child


My tonsil infection was more frequent and severe when I was a child. It was painful and annoying. However, I sort of enjoyed getting the infection because it allowed me to skip school and watch TV at home.


Back then I never thought there was something WEIRD or unhealthy about me, I just thought it was a common problem.


So packets after packets of antibiotics were prescribed to me over the years since I was a child.


I was taking about 3-4 packets of antibiotics a year.  Which means I was getting 3-4 episodes of Tonsillitis every year.


If you think this is NORMAL, it certainly isn't.


I knew there was an underlying reason why I was getting recurring Throat infections.


No one else I knew was getting a throat infection all the time.


It was ONLY ME, well so I thought anyway.


Antibiotics Did Not Work Anymore


It was 2 years ago that I began to realize the antibiotics weren't working for me anymore. I would get a tonsil infection, after my entire packet of infection was still there.


It was PAINFUL.  It was HORRIBLE.  Tonsilitis hurts and when you finish your antibiotics and you still have the infection...I began to worry a bit.


My doctor told me that too much use of antibiotics can cause something to form in the body known as a "superbugs". These superbugs can defeat the traditional antibiotics and the body becomes resistant to them.


That's just great! They should have told me that EARLIER!


What am I do to NOW?


It was at this point that I realized I had to uncover the root cause of my recurring Tonsillitis. So I don't need to depend on antibiotics anymore!!!


Tonsillectomy Was My Only Option


I insisted a referral to a ENT Specialist from my doctor.


The ENT specialist recommended that a Tonsillectomy was the only solution to prevent repeat episodes of Tonsillitis.


I was not ONLY AFRAID of surgeries, but I knew it WASN'T NECESSARY. There were also risks associated with surgeries so I decided not to take the tonsillectomy.


I was determined to find another solution to help me solve my recurring Tonsillitis problem - Naturally - without surgery needed and without drugs.


My Visit To A Natural Therapist


So I went to get second opinions from alternative health professionals. I went to visit a Natural Therapist and she gave me some anti-septic throat drops and a herbal mixture to help me fight the infection.


At the beginning I really thought this was my solution. Because 2 weeks after that visit my Tonsillitis had gone.


I was ecstatic!!! It was my first time not depending on antibiotics! This was my answer, FINALLY!


 However, a couple of months later I began to get a slight sore throat, which then eventually lead to another episode of Tonsillitis.


I was back to square 1.


Although my natural therapist did help me cure my Tonsillitis, it did not help me Prevent the Reoccurrence of Tonsil infections.


I decided to give it another shot, because I really didn't want to take DOUBLE ANTIBIOTICS anymore.


So I thought I'll visit a second Natural Therapist.


This time the therapist diagnosed my condition as my body being low in immunity.


So he gave me whey powder, to help me boost my immune system, this way my body will be stronger to fight the infection itself.


The first few days of the whey powder made me very sick. I got stomach cramps and felt nauseas. I stopped the treatment immediately.


My Medical Bills was costing me $'000


By then I calculated all my medical bills from buying antibiotics, consultations for Ear and Throat Specialist, herbs and mixtures from my Natural Therapist. I already easily spent over thousands of dollars.


Plus I haven't added my health costs, all the antibiotics I've taking over the  years that has certainly done damage to my body.


I knew I was getting closer to finding the solution to eliminate my chronic recurring Tonsillitis.


It was at this time that I decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine.


I went to see a Herbalist that was recommended to me by my cousin Maggie. She personally had seen him when she was trying to conceive. Over 10 years she tried to fall pregnant, she pretty much has tried everything, even In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Nothing worked...


After a few visits to this herbalist, she became pregnant within 2 months.


She now has a healthy baby boy.


I thought this story was a miracle, this Herbalist must have been THAT GOOD. I had to go see him.


Break-Through Diagnosis For My Tonsillitis


As I sat there with my mouth open as my Herbalist checked out my tonsils.


He didn't say anything at all....


I was really hoping he will finally put an end to my agonizing problem of Tonsillitis for 7 years.


I kept my hopes high, waiting for him to give me the answer for my years of tonsil problems.


He asked me a few simple questions about my diet and about my Tonsilitis problems.


He then gave me a REVOLUTIONARY diagnosis that was ASTONISHING.


He completely OPENED my mind, and made me realized what I HAVE BEEN DOING WRONG TO MY BODY all these years.


His solution to Prevent and Eliminate Recurring Tonsillitis was SO SIMPLE -You wouldn't believe it.

All I had to do was follow a step-by-step home treatment  that targets the root cause of tonsillitis. After following this step-by-step guideline, I never had tonsilitis again.

You do not need to spend lots of money on products, or buy expensive herbs, you can treat yourself Naturally all from resources in your HOME! It was so convenient!

That was it.


It as TOO EASY TO BE TRUE - But I Had To Give It a TRY.


I followed his step-by-step guidelines, after that one VISIT I Haven't Had a Tonsillitis Again.




"My son awoke today with a sore throat...I immediately gave some of the things you prescribed"..


"Dear Jen,

I have completely read your banish tonsillitis book and it was very interesting. Your use of herbs confirmed to me that this is the direction that I want to pursue in dealing with my childrens health issues.


"I liked your addressing the subject of prevention and also what to do after you have tonsillitis. I have at the present time a cold and lots of sinus pressure. My son awoke today with a sore throat so I immediately gave him some of the things you prescribed. Your food suggestions resonated with me."


"I will continue to implement the ideas in your book whenever I can, it is sometimes difficult to nourish young children in the proper ways due to societal and family influences to conform. I hope in the near future others will want to follow this type of lifestyle and perhaps live healthier lives with less pain as a consequence."


"I appreciate immensely the opportunity to read your book and pray that you will continue in your efforts to good.


Sincerely, Angie Gore"




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I Am Now Finally Free Of Recurring Tonsillitis


I'm so much happier now that I don't get tonsillitis anymore.


I don't have tonsil pain, no throat infections, no bad breath.


I'm also glad I don't need to depend on antibiotics anymore.


Now I don't need to take sick leaves so often because I don't suffer from tonsillitis now.


Thankfully I didn't get a tonsillectomy, or I will have no tonsils now. Not only has my throat infection never occurred again, my overall health has improved.


My breath smells fresh and doesn't stink anymore. I don't get white patches on my tonsils anymore.


I don't suffer from Tonsillitis anymore, all because of this simple and easy step-by-step guideline.


"Within One Week - All The Pain Was Gone!"

"Dear Jen,

Your book is very informative, educative and easy to read. You have done it in simple language and I love your  explanations.

I received the book when I had a Tonsilitis infection - within one week - all the pain was gone! The suggested remedies are very easy to get in this part of Africa!

The book was an eye opener !

All the best."

Ida Pacharo - Dublin, Ireland


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Want To Discover How To Eliminate Tonsillitis Forever?

It has been too long since I've kept this secret to myself.

I have already spent over $'000 of dollars on medical bills and personal research to uncover the Natural Treatment to Tonsillitis.

It has taken 7 years of my life with trial and error of different drugs and herbs on Myself, until I finally found this secret to eliminate Tonsillitis.

If only somebody else shared this information to me earlier, so I wouldn't have to suffer for so long.

My solution to eliminating tonsillitis, is completely NATURAL, EASY and SIMPLE.  

Your tonsillitis will not occur again if you stick to my step-by-step tonsillitis remedy.

Below is a snapshot of what you'll learn from my book:

"Natural Cure For Tonsillitis"

Secret To Naturally Curing and Preventing Tonsillitis Permanently

Tonsillitis Book

In my "Secrets To Naturally Curing and Preventing Tonsillitis Permanently" book, you will learn the following:

SECRET #1 Discover the Revolutionary Secret Why YOU are constantly getting recurring Tonsillitis- Learn how to Stop this from occurring again!

All The Facts You Need to Know About Tonsillitis - The Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

What health problems can occur with prolonged use of antibiotics.

SECRET #2. How to Treat and Prevent Recurring Tonsil infections in Young Children Naturally and Permanently.

How To Tell Difference Between Tonsillitis and a Sore Throat?

What Is The Conventional Medical Approach To Tonsillitis?

SECRET #3. Top ten WORSE FOODS that provokes the creation of Tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis Symptoms In Children- How to Tell If Your Baby Has Tonsillitis?

SECRET  #4. Top ten GOOD FOODS to eat that reduces the development of Tonsillitis.

Why do Young Children Get Tonsillitis More Often Than Adults?

Why a Tonsillectomy is not the ONLY solution to repeat episodes of Tonsillitis.

Why Tonsils Are An Important Part of The Human Body?

You'll be shocked at the long term consequences of surgical removal of the tonsils.

SECRET #5. Simple Trick To do before you sleep that has worked for years to Prevent Sore Throats and Tonsillitis.

Proven Powerful Herbs You Can buy in Your Grocery Shop to Fight Your Existing Tonsillitis Infection.

Excellent Tea Remedies To help you Disinfect and Soothe a Painful Throat.

The Home Remedy liquid To use for Gargling and to Disinfect the Throat.

SECRET  #4. Tonsillitis Natural Treatment - Home Remedy Recipe You Can Buy at the Corner Grocery store for Less than $2.

How Long Does Tonsillitis Last For?

Is Tonsillitis Contagious? Hygiene practices to help prevent spread of throat infections.

SECRET # 5. Why you get constant white spots on your tonsils? How To Easily Get Rid of This Permanently?

Tonsil Stones- What Exactly Are They and How To Naturally Get Rid of Them Forever!

And Much More...

How much is your health work?

For a limited time only, you will uncover the secret to preventing and eliminating Tonsillitis forever, for a special offer before it expires...


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Your health will not only improve, but you will feel more alive, more relieved knowing you are finally free of Tonsillitis and don't need to depend on Antibiotics anymore.

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Alternative Medicines

Discover How to Heal Yourself Naturally. Safe, All-Natural Alternatives to Taking High-Cost, Side-Effect-Laden Prescription Drugs.

If you are tired of paying the high cost of prescription drugs …or if you just don’t want to risk becoming dependent on prescription drugs … then Alternative Medicine will teach you how use techniques and treatments to heal yourself naturally

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Bad Breath Secrets

"Bad Breath Secrets" is an extensive book and will give you all the first hand information you need to discover if you HAVE bad breath. Then, it provides you with secret natural remedies to GET RID of it - permanently!

Take control and get a handle on this problem once and for all. If you, a friend or a loved one have the problem, it is having a detrimental affect on your confidence and self-esteem.

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Discover How You Can Overcome Bad Breath!

In this book "Bad Breath - Tips and Tricks to help combat Bad Breath"  you will learn natural remedies to help get rid of bad breath. Chronic bad breath can be extremely annoying and embarrassing. However, that doesn't mean you need to suffer from this forever. You can stop spending money on things that don't work.

By reading this book, you will discover all the best tips and tricks that people use to eliminate bad breath. Wait no longer, a life of fresh breath is awaiting you.

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How to Win the War Against Bad Breath

Are you always worried of your bad breath? Do you always cover your mouth while you are talking incase people can smell your bad breath? Do your friends keep offering you chewing gum? Well its time to make a change and finally get rid of your bad breath!

In this eBook, you will find effective tips to get rid of your bad breath for good. Feel free to be yourself again!

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Herbal Tea Remedies

Tap Into The Healing Power Of Nature With The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies"

Are you looking for a more natural way to obtain relief for common ailments? The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies is your answer. Inside you will find a wide selection of recipes for herbal teas that will have you feeling better in no time.

Do you suffer from headaches? Try the Headache Relief Tea.

Feeling blue? Whip up a batch of Blues Tea and chase way depression.

Got a cold or the flu. Drink a cup of Cold and Flu Tea to help relieve those nasty symptoms.

Can't Sleep? Insomnia Tea is the answer.

Plus 80 more Herbal Tea Remedies!

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TOTAL VALUE= $132.58

Let's recap you will get....Natural Cure For Tonsillitis Book + 5 Bonus Books and....You Pay Only $19.97!


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This Book Is Available To 200+ Countries

It doesn't matter where you live around the world US, UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia or Australia we will be sending you this book INSTANTLY with ZERO shipping and handling costs anywhere around the world.

This book is the all-in-one ANSWER to tonsillitis treatment available.

"Your Book is Informative, well written and well documented"


John Benitez - Certified practitioner


"Hi Jen,

Just finished your book. I found your book to be...wonderful! I really enjoyed reading it. I found it not only easy to read, but informative, well written, well documented. All parts of the book were easily accessible. I feel this book will appeal to all readers, especially those that have children.


"The sections dealing with natural remedies were especially interesting, including the recipes was genius! Page 34 and 35 referring to maintaining the integrity of the central nervous system, directly refers to two of the energy therapies that I currently use. I'm planning to incorporate the balance procedure into the therapies I currently use".


"I would like to read some of your other books. Please let me know where I can get them. Look forward to hearing from you soon. John"

John Benitez - Certified practitioner



Download Your Book Instantly


There is no shipping or handling fees or delivery waiting periods. You'll be able to instantly download the " Natural Cure For Tonsillitis " book from a web page.


This eBook is compressed into 60 page PDF document. Every page of the content is crucial and you will discover the secret to preventing tonsillitis within a matter of a few minutes.


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IMPORTANT: This Book May Be the Most Important Information To Read Before You Get Your Tonsillectomy.

I believe our bodies need tonsils to function, so I don't believe in cutting out your tonsils as the solution to repeated episodes of Tonsillitis.

If you are thinking about removing your tonsils as a solution to repeat tonsilitis, I sincerely hope you get yourself a copy of this book before you take this surgery. It could save you money in surgery costs PLUS most importantly, you could save your tonsils being cut out.

You can start getting rid of Tonsillitis today!


Feel safe to order from my website, as all personal information is 100% SAFE and SECURE with 128-bit SSL Encryption (using our payment processor PayPal)


"it truly changed my like. This book is really amazing"


Thank you for your email -I having downloaded your e-book, and having followed your guidelines, I have ridded these awful white spots on my tonsils, now I know what causes it and how to get rid if it . Thank you so much for providing this valuable information, it truly has changed my life. This book is really amazing!"

Anna Rawat- New Delhi, India


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This Book Suitable For Both Adults and Children

The step-by-step remedies in this book is suitable for adults and also children over the age of 3 years. All the guidelines in this book are all safe and naturally, and very effective in getting rid of recurring tonsillitis once and for all.


How many more years of Tonsillitis Do You want to Suffer for?

Today, is the day to take action and say GOODBYE TONSILLITIS!

Thanks for your time,

All the best!


Jennifer Watts

Ex-Tonsillitis sufferer

Any questions or comments please, contact me here on my email:

Jennifer Watts

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